1. Let’s go to FC14 - by RadyWolf

    Who else is going to Further Confusion 2014?

    Don’t forget to submit your pictures after your epic Cali con experience!:

    Submission link here: http://fuckyeahfursuiting.com/submit

    To make it easier for us and for better photo quality, submit the suits on your tumblr if you have one and send us the post link through fanmail!

  3. KARAOKE!(カラオケ) - by waffuru

  4. eixin:

    20130810 第5回くわびオフ!@代々木八幡

  5. ryansharker:

    Aoinu head - by RadyWolf

    One of my personal favourite fursuit makers! I believe he does ship to the US, however he is currently closed for commissions.

    (Source: fluffy-sharks, via popufur)

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  8. eixin:

    20130713 きぐけもちゅーぶ6

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  9. The fier fighter water dragon - by RadyWolf

  10. Lone wolf on a beach - by Kurisuke

  11. kawaiifur:

    This is just going to be a basic guide on how to make eyes like I did for paulie.

    The great thing about these eyes is that they don’t have the weird look of mesh, and they have fantastic vision! Think light/medium sunglasses.

    You will need-

    • Gloss sticker paper
    • Self-adhesive window tint film
    • Thin plastic sheet

    NOTE** when applying window film and the sticker paper be slow. apply it starting from one end of the film/sticker, and use a credit card/similar object to apply small sections at a time to avoid bubbles. bubbles suck >o<

    Okay! First what you need to do is design the eyes. You can pretty much do this in whatever style you want.. You’ll just want to make the pupils black. Don’t add eye shine- you’ll do that later.

    Here’s an example i just made- it’s not perfect but you get the idea.

    Then flip it so you have two, and print them out on your gloss sticker paper.

    Now you want to take your plastic sheet, and apply the window film to it. I used the darkest window tint film i could get, the stuff for limousines, and the vision was great.

    Cut out your eyes now, and cut out the pupil with an exacto knife. That’s where you’ll see through- keep in mind this method works better if you’re doing an eye style that has big pupils :-9.

    Now you want to stick your eye stickers on top of your window film and plastic, so there will be three layers;

    plastic sheet>window film>eye sticker

    Now cut your eyes out! If you don’t want eye shine, congrats! You’re done. If you want eye shine, you can cut it out from left overs of the sheet you cut the eyes out of.

    Tadah! You have some eyes n__n Depending on the ventilation in your head you may want to apply some defog or soap or something to the inside of the eyes.

  12. eixin:

    mini Alba

  13. Yajirushi fursuit - by RadyWolf

  14. Tirol is waiting her tea - by TashiroYu

  15. Seal ride on - by moonnightwolf