1. The maker is mushimagicsuits  mushimagicsuits. They took these pictures/drew the head shot.
    I’ll just copy/paste the given info with a bit of editing:

    The Head
    The head will fit up to a 24” head. It’s roomy, cool and lightweight. It’s fully lined and padded for comfort. It has a static, non moving jaw. It will still comfortably fit smaller heads. ***This head is EXTREMELY comfortable. I have a 24” head and can fit my glasses in there very well. Sight is excellent, though ventilation isn’t amazing. If there’s a breeze it’s great but otherwise it gets stuffy pretty quick.

    The Paws
    The hand paws have 4 fingers with sewn, fleece, pawpads. They are one size fits all and simply slip on. They are just over wrist length.

    The Tail
    The tail is attached via a wide belt loop that is inserted into the bodysuit for a seamless look.

    The Feet:
    The feetpaws are made on size ten womens’ shoes. They have outdoor soles. I can get pictures on request.

    The Body
    Can fit slightly larger measurements by a few inches or so. However, I am 5’5”, 170 pounds. My measurements were just about perfect for this suit and the suit is extremely tight on me. It seems like it was made for someone with long legs and a short torso.
    The body features a hidden zipper on the front for closure and will fit the following measurements:
    Height: 5’4” chest: 42” waist: 38” hips: 41” Inseam: 29” Arm length 22” 

    I can take pictures on request. This suit is BRAND new, not worn, and in great condition. I would like $800 plus shipping or another fullsuit for it. Canine or feline preferred. Depending on the suit I may pay extra for it! I just want a new suit because I’m really disappointed that I have to sell this one :C
    For any buyers interested, I also created an account specifically for this fursuit. It has an unboxing video linked in a journal. There’s no other pictures, but if the buyer wants the account, they can have it. siberiantabby  siberiantabby
    If I don’t get a buyer/trade over the weekend, I’ll list it on FurBuy on Monday.
    Please note me or comment for more info here 


  2. furrydoc:

    Kickstart Lynx

    Baltimore, MD


  3. Photos taken/edited by Stanny Wuff aka OldSpice on FA.


  5. fursuitswag:

    Fursuit Creator


    Dat mane doe.


    (via cozyfurries)

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    Brokken T. Wolf’s “Dante.”

    Taken at MWFF 2011.

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